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Having a pool during these trying times has been the highlight of many days in our family, so we know the joy a swimming pool can bring. We love what we do because we want you and your family to experience the same joy our family has experienced in having a swimming pool to play in, swim, or just relax and enjoy the summer.



Our History

Covid-19 has changed the world, and definitely the summer of 2020. As the world shut down and the kids transitioned from on campus schooling to at-home schooling we quickly started thinking, how are we going to handle this and keep the little ones entertained. Then it started to warm up here in San Diego and a light bulb went off, A SWIMMING POOL!! But then we faced the challenge many of you are likely facing, every retailer was sold out of swimming pools and we just could not find one, anywhere... 
We said, why not import pools and bring the pools to us, to our community, and beyond. It was with this vision and with our other business being at a stand still for the foreseeable future, that we had our beginning. We started selling on Amazon and within the first month sold almost $200,000 in swimming pools, and brought joy and happiness to the lives of over 400 families throughout the United States! 
We truly hope that you receive the same joy and happiness this summer by having a swimming pool that our own pool has brought to our family.

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We strive to answer all communications within a few hours, definitely within 24 hours. If you're looking for a certain size swimming pool we do not currently have on our site, feel free to reach out using the "Contact Us" section below as we may be able to get you exactly what you're looking for!

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